Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Progress Report

The Birthday Cake is out of the oven and cool enough to ice.  I am doing Fudge Icing so I will start on that very soon so that it is properly set by tomorrow.

In adition to that, I'm doing a Walnut and Lemon cake, and that is still in the oven.  I'm sure my oven isn't working properly, as everything I have baked recently is definitely not cooked in the correct time.  I have to set the oven at 190 if I'm doing a cake that calls for 180, and instead of half an hour, it takes 45 or 50 minutes.  I have to make a point of inserting a skewer to check if it is cooked or not, and the skewer comes out very gloopy when it should be cooked.  I'm a conservative sort of person, and typically stick to the tried and trusted recipes I have been baking for years, and I'm certain the problem is not in the recipes because I have never had this trouble before.

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