Monday, March 01, 2010

ENT Man and other stuff

I saw the ENT man at the Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury last week.  He confirmed what we already knew - that I have a hearing loss.  Its not serious enough to do anything about.  I miss a lot of conversation in an environment with background noise, but having ME means I can't handle noise anyway - it sends my head into Meltdown.  So actually, the hearing loss won't affect me very much at all, really. 

Still, I have to go back for a scan of the sinuses next week. 

A few weeks ago I broke a Crown and the supporting bit of tooth under it, so today I had a root canal treatment, plus a pin put in the socket.  It is covered up with something temporary and I have to go back for the proper crown in a couple of weeks.  I'm always a real ninny about having that local anaesthetic injection between the jawbones at the back, but today I hardly felt it.  He used two vials of local because he doesn't like to take a chance when doing a root canal.  I'm a little sore now, but I've had a couple of Brufen and its bearable. 

Over the past couple of months, my health has been improving slowly, and today I realised something, and that is when I felt really ill, pain that should have been minor was quite intense, but as I am getting better, minor pain is just that - minor.  It seems like I was more pain sensitive when I was much more unwell than I am now. 

And walking no longer hurts, and I feel light.  Just a little while ago, it felt like I was trying to walk through treacle.  Feeling this well is disconcerting because I had become accustomed to feeling horribly unwell.  I truly, truly hope this lasts and that its not a fleeting remission. I still can't bear too much noise, and I need periods of quiet rest during the day.  When I did too much last week, I woke myself up by being sick again, so I take it as a warning to be careful and slowly build up my stamina.  

Tomorrow, Sean and I are off to Poole for Peter Hatherley's 70th Birthday Party.  My mum is having the Brak, and her cat Jenny will keep him in order.

Teresa Jayne is at a very cute stage.  She's friendly and she loves joining in with Wendy's games.  Wendy makes her laugh, and its good to see them playing together.  Wendy is such a little poppet.  She will soon be four years old.

Here is Teresa Jayne playing Peek a Boo



Here they are playing together


Sean and Wendy looking at her books


They have such a lovely relationship, and it is delightful to see it.  He is 71 and she is 4, but you can see what  great friendship they have.  Those children are blessed to have him as a de facto grandfather because they are a bit short in that department.  There is a deep bond of love there and it is good for everyone.  

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