Friday, February 26, 2010

Hospital Appointment

I have a hospital appointment in Canterbury tomorrow to see an ENT guy about my hearing.  My GP saw that I had scars inside my ears (from old infections) and the eardrums were bulging.  As it happens, I have mouth, throat and sinus infection from hell and its something that keeps happening, so I'm glad its there to show the ENT guy tomorrow.  Its painful and putrid, so I hope he can give some good advice.

Caelyn, Nigel and Teresa had a tummy bug and my mum took Wendy to school.  She said Caelyn looked ghastly and very unwell.  My mum doesn't say things like that as a rule, so Caelyn must have been in a bad way.

She is taking me to the hospital appointment tomorrow and from there we are going to Elaine's house for Lisa's surprise party.  Lisa cut my hair today and she knows something is going on, but isn't too sure what.

Michelle is back at Pierrepont and is looking into some tough stuff. I found a video on my camera that I hadn't downloaded of her playing with Wendy and Teresa Jayne, and its a very sweet video, but it needs a spot of editing.

I'm going to bed now.  

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