Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter is almost upon us.

Today I looked after Wendy and Teresa Jayne while Caelyn had an eye test. She picks up her new specs next Saturday and she can't wait. Her other pair were broken and she has been having headaches and eyestrain, but had to wait and save up before going to get new ones. Luckily she had a Buy One Get One Free offer, so she will have an emergency pair if any mishap should occur to the new ones.

I'm trying to get my laundry ready to get my bag packed to go to Downside tomorrow. I never know what to pack, as I have to consider the weather, and also clothes which are appropriate and won't crease. There are no ironing facilities there, which complicates things. Plus the fact that I have little fashion sense. Groan! It does my head in every year. I have to wash my coat as a seagull dropped some nasty stuff on it yesterday. Its supposed to be a sign of good luck, so I bought a lottery ticket. I'll let you know if it works!

Michelle has a bit of feverishness and a sore throat. There is a virus of that sort going around, so she is having to look after herself.

Wendy talked to her Great Gran on Skype again today. Aimee and Justin also had a word with her, and she saw their tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Molly. Wendy was trying to persuade her Gummi to get in her car and come and see her at my house. She doesn't understand concepts of 'distance' and 'overseas'. All she knows is that she wants her Gummi.

So - I can't put it off a moment longer. I have to get the laundry out of the dryer and washing machine and get that coat and Brakkie's Frog washed. Tomorrow will be upon us before we know it. Mind, I have told Sean that we have to check the weather and if it is too severe, we won't go. I don't believe in looking for trouble.

It was his 71st Birthday yesterday, and here is a photo of him. Still charming, still gorgeous. A Man without Peer.


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