Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Shock

Last night I spoke to my friend Barbara in South Africa. She told me that the man who had been my doctor for many years in Evander, Dr N E Mills, had been shot during a burglary in his home. He didn't die, but his injuries were serious and she said he had spent a long time in Intensive Care.

I already knew his son, Dr Cival Mills, had had an accident and was a quadraplegic. Apparently, he and his mum were watching TV and Dr Neville Mills was lying on his bed, when he heard his wife screaming. He came running through and was shot several times. Cival Mills tried to ram the thugs with his wheelchair, but his mum stopped him. He had had the notes of two inventions for aids for severely disabled people on his computer, and that was stolen. I will post the links to these stories below.

This blogspot says they report uncensored South African news, and this one deals with the shooting of Dr Neville Mills

Barbara also said they had done a lot of research into anything that might improve Cival's life, and they went to Germany for stem cell treatment, but it didn't work, and they lost a lot of money as well as everything else. This family has been through so much, and they are good people who certainly don't deserve it.

And this one is his son's site, and it discusses his inventions. As a quadriplegic, he does research for medical insurance companies. He has had two books published.

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