Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Very Cold Weather

We have had a very cold patch recently. There was light snowfall today, and Caelyn and the children were with me to give Nigel some peace as he has a Level 3 Electronics exam tomorrow. They went home at about 18h30 and they had a difficult jpurney back. The phoned to say there was heavy snowfall in Hawkinge so I checked the weather online. Snow all day tomorrow with very heavy snowfall throughout the night. So off I went to Sainsburys to stock up on some essentials as I'm not sure when it will be safe to go out again. When I was in there, the manager Ben said that Hawkinge was cut off. Caelyn asked me to check the weather report for tomorrow, and it doesn't look like Nigel will be able to write his exam tomorrow. I told her to turn Radio Kent on in the morning because they broadcast constantly about which schools are shut, which roads are closed and whether the trains are working. They usually don't. Lorries making for the Channel Tunnel or the Port of Dover block the local motorway. The Police turn it into a giant lorry park. Its called Operation Stack, and it really messes up movement in this part of Kent.

When I spoke to Sean, he said he had gone to the Ivy House for dinner. It was cold, but not snowing. When he finished his meal, he was reading an article when the waiter came and asked if he had to drive home. When Sean said he did, the waiter told him to go because of snow. Sean hadn't noticed, but it had snowed heavily while he was eating. There were a couple of inches lying. He skidded in the High Street and he didn't dare to turn his car around to point the proper way outside his house. He was only too glad to have made it home. He says he will have to walk to the shops for groceries tomorrow, as he won't dare take the car. While I am writing this, I'm thinking of Stephen and Margaret in Australia. They are having a heat wave with high temperatures and humidity. Its put them in a holiday mood, so they are off to the Great Barrier Reef. They are probably sweltering!

Read the BBC article HERE

While Caelyn was here today, Guildhall Homes phoned to say that the old house was un-let-able the way they left it. I know for a fact that the place was sparkling because Josie and I helped. We even cleaned the oven. She was very upset and spoke to Sean who talked her through the contract and told her they didn't have a leg to stand on, so she felt better. They wanted her to wash the outside of the windows and clean the outside windowsills. They wanted the lounge carpet shampood and the curtains washed. The curtains have been done, but she is most certainly not going to wash the outside of the windows. I armed her with the camera and told her to take photos all over the house just in case Guildhall Homes tries to take it further. I doubt if they will as Sean will see them off. If you are poor, you live in fear of this sort of threat.

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