Saturday, January 09, 2010

More Kay Gilderdale News


Kay is delighted that so many have already written to the DPP (Keir Starmer
QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, 50 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7EX)
some have forwarded their letters, together with good wishes to her (via me, if you can't go directly). We are also
aware that there are many more who have written but prefer to keep the
matter anonymous or confidential, which is an understandable choice.

The latest is that, due to the appalling Weather, Lewes Crown Court has been
closed for 3 days. The backlog and further bad weather forecast may cause a
All her family have taken time off work, booked flights from
Ireland and Australia and so are all hoping that some unforeseen element
will deliver a solution.

One more shove from the M.E. Community may just do it because the Crown
Prosecution Service can drop the case any time - even before the appointed
date. Please take the time while you are probably holed up somewhere in this
awful weather to write to the DPP. It could make that huge difference.

It is unlikely to happen because anyone attending the court, including in
the public gallery, is reminded not to discuss details of the trial and if
they do it could constitute contempt of court but may I advise people that
it would simply be best not to mention anything about the case itself --
indeed when you write to the DPP stress that you do NOT want to do this but
just appeal for the case to be dropped because it is not in the public

Bless you for reading this far. Now please add your voice. (All contact
details below)
Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For All. org

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