Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caelyn's Dreadful Day

Car accidents are a sore point in our family, as Michelle and Caelyn were very seriously injured in one when they were children, and the after effects of it are still with us and affect us every day even after 20 years.  

Caelyn took Wendy to school this morning and stopped at the Community Centre for a cup of coffee before going home.  When she got back at about 10h30, her neighbour came and knocked on the door.  She told Caelyn that two uniformed Police officers had been knocking on the door and when they realised no one was home, they asked the neighbour how long Caelyn would be and if they had a car.

The roads are icy and dangerous.  Caelyn thought:

1.  Uniformed Police don't knock on your door with good news.

2.  Road conditions are bad and

3.  Nigel was in A and E or dead after a road accident.  

She got into a hell of a state, and phoned every Police office she could.  Because of Data Protection, they were not allowed to tell her what it was about.  Nigel did not have his mobile with him, so she called the College and they confirmed that Nigel had registered for his classes.  She wasn't reassured and tried the police again.  She was crying and asking them to tell her if her husband was hurt or worse, and they couldn't say anything. They could only talk to Nigel. She called the local A and E departments, getting ever more upset.

Somehow she fetched Wendy and they went home, where Caelyn carried on phoning to find out what had happened to Nigel and/or the car.  Wendy went up to use the toilet and she washed her hands afterwards as she has been taught.  She had left the plug in the sink and there was a flood, all over the new carpets.  The bathroom and Caelyn's room were soaked and water was dripping down through the ceiling.  Poor Caelyn!  That was the last straw!!  She phoned me in hysterics and my Mum and I went up there to help her and calm her down.

Nigel came back, safe and sound.  He knew nothing about any of this and called the Police himself.  He had to take ID and go down to the Police Station in Folkestone, and even then they knew nothing about it.  

The Police came back later though.  It turns out that they were looking for the people who used to live there.  Caelyn said they had just moved in.  They were looking for a Richard, not a Nigel.  Now she is worried sick about the Richard they were looking for.

Her house will take a while to dry out, and the ceiling in the lounge is sodden and could fall down.  And if you knew about the saga of Caelyn and falling ceilings .....  !!!!!  She wanted a soothing hot bath but is scared the bath will fall down into the lounge.  I told her to bath wearing knickers and a T shirt so the firemen wouldn't be traumatised when they rescued her.  (just a silly joke to bring a smile on a day that had been unusually deficient in them).

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.  Thank God for that!

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