Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good to be Indoors

When weather is as it is, it feels great to be cosy indoors.

Anselm and Brakkie

Sean feeding Brakkie some ham

Sean opening his Christmas cards with great pleasure

Sean enjoying his Horlicks

Sean loves the way Brakkie's coat blends in with the sofa

It was a completely ordinary evening. No special food, no special anything. Therein lies the wonder - that something so ordinary can be so warm, joyful, contented, companionable, homely and relaxed. We simply enjoyed being together. We do special things sometimes but mostly we enjoy domesticity. Our 'ordinary' was not even to be dreamed before we met each other. What we have now after all the healing love has given is something we could not even have imagined in those sad empty years we had before knowing each other. And as my family can verify, I have a pretty good imagination, but this was way beyond it's bounds. This confident, quiet security in someone's benevolence and love is extraordinary, considering our relationship histories. What we have now is a priceless and unmerited gift and we are profoundly grateful for it, and we never take it for granted.

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