Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Spectacles

A while ago, my mother persuaded me to try lightweight rimless spectacles, and I did. Although they aren't "gorgeous" they are very comfortable indeed, and I was soon converted. I don't ever want 'normal' specs again. 

When I first got them, the cat knocked them off my bedside table and onto the floor. When I got up the next day, I stood on them, but was easily able to bend them back into shape. This was a couple of years ago. There was always a weakness where I bent them but they lasted very well. Until last night. The metal snapped as I took them off.

My mother had a spare rimless frame which she dropped off at my house this morning. I took them to Dolland and Aitcheson to see if they could put my lenses in to the other frame. They couldn't. Apparently they only deal with their own brand of rimless frames because they have a 'screw' and the pair I took them has a 'punch'. They said that they doubted that any of the chain optometrists would do them but suggested I try a private firm. They suggested Chris Adams as they have an on site laboratory. I took them in, and much to my relief, they could help me. The charge is £20 and I am happy to pay that and consider it a bargain. There is a 2 hour wait, and I can pick them up between 3 and 4pm today.

The new frame is a snazzy red, and they belonged to my mum's friend, Auntie Squibbs. She was a very dear, sweet lady who did a great deal for other people on an anonymous basis while she was alive. Wearing her frames will be a privilege and I will have to try to live up to her beautiful character. That will be a great challenge. Bless you, Auntie Squibbs, and pray for me please. I have a lot to learn.


Auntie Squibbs is the lady closest to the camera.

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