Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Michelle

I spoke to Michelle today. She is doings a NETS course at Ellel in Pierrepoint, Surrey.

I have been worried about her because she has had to face a lot of painful issues and it hasn't been easy for her. Recently I told her that if she was still struggling so much, she should pack it in and move back home on Friday. I knew how she was hurting and as mothers do, felt bad, sad and worried about it.

She was due for individual ministry today and tomorrow. Today went very well and when we talked, there was so much calm, restfulness and peace in her conversation and tone of voice. Thanks be to God.

I look after Caelyn's kids on a Tuesday afternoon so she and Nigel can do their banking and bill paying. I mentioned in an earlier post that Wendy told me she would still love me when I'm old and if my teeth fall out, she will get me new ones. I put the Digital Photo Frame on for her, and she was so excited when she saw her Auntie Michelle's face appear on the screen. She yelled "Michelle! I love Michelle! I give her kiss" and she picked up the photo frame and kissed it. She saw a few more photos of Michelle and said "I miss Michelle. I love her".

Yes, Wendy. Us too!


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