Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good News for Caelyn and Nigel

They saw the Housing Association house today and have agreed to take it.

It still only has two bedrooms, but in this house, the second bedroom can accommodate two children.  The kitchen is much larger, so all their appliances such as washing machine, freezer and tumble drier can fit in it, plus a table and chairs for them to eat at table.  There is a useful large understairs cupboard where they will store the pram and some toys.  

They will be moving round about 18 December.  That is not final or definite because the Official Paperwork has not yet been done, and they have not been told when they can have the keys.  They will be given an £80 paint voucher to paint the place.  They will also need curtains and carpets.  The floor downstairs is plain concrete and the children can't play or crawl on concrete, especially in winter.  They need a new stove/oven/cooker, a washing machine that works, some cupboards and chest of drawers.  The house they are in came with carpets, curtains and built in cupboards and they won't be able to take them when they move.  

Apart from the extra space, the chief attraction of the Housing Association house is that the rent is very much cheaper.  

Moving is a hassle and Caelyn is having more trouble with her damaged kidneys, so they will need genuine offers of help and support. 

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