Friday, October 23, 2009

Woozle’s Half Term Report

Wendy is now of an age to have a School Report. Everything is fine, and she has met or exceeded her milestones.

You knew there was a 'but' coming, didn't you? Yes, everything is fine, but it seems our little girl is, and I quote, 'Bossy'.


Just do a mental check of all the women in our family. Alas, we are all Bossy, and we don't know how to teach Wendy Woozle to be diplomatic and meek. She is a natural ringleader as is evident in early photos of her organising other children at her very first birthday party. She is the first one to comfort another child, and she stands up for her friends by telling an adult what the child needs. That started before she was a year old with her telling Samantha that her child's bum needed changing, right up until now when she will take a friend to the toddler group kitchen to tell the adult that 'Clare needs juice and cake'.

I assume this bossiness has been passed down in the genes. As I see it, things could go either way. She could be a leader or a tyrant, and put in those terms, the issue doesn't seem so scary. We can teach her to lead and not to be a bullying despot. It's evidently a strong character trait and we need to think of ways to help her develop this characteristic in a beautiful way. What we cannot do is change it, any more than we could change her fingerprints. She will never be a wilting lily or a shy, retiring delicate little blossom. We need to shape what already exists in her, and I have no doubt that we shall succeed.

Although, with Great Grandma as a partner-in-crime (cheese napping) I'm not so sure ;))


Bringing up children is a minefield, and each child is different. I'm beginning to see that it is too big a job for the parents alone. Friends and the extended family are necessary to the rounding out of a child's character.  


With Richard, a Family Friend

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