Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Musings

Here is a lovely one of Nigel and the girls.
Wendy is 3 1/2, and Teresa Jayne is 17 weeks.


Nigel has gone back to College for the final phase of his training in motor mechanics. Kwikfit has already said that they will employ him, which is hopeful news. This final phase is going to be very tough so I've told him he can come to study at my house where the children won't distract him and he can use the computer. He has to learn stuff such as the legal rate at which an indicator must flash. I didn't even know there was a law about that, but there is. There is a lot more similar stuff he has to research on the Internet, plus he will need the computer to do his accounts and costing projects. I'm glad its not me. I'd never get my head around all that.

Wendy has 2 and a half hours of Nursery School every day from Monday to Friday, and she is very pleased to be back there. So is her mum, who badly needs a break.

Sean is coming tomorrow afternoon and we will take her on the Light Railway to Dymchurch. She is crazy about trains, and this is a lovely little train. Their website is HERE or copy and paste into your browser. She will have a busy day as there is a festival in Hawkinge tomorrow, with bouncy castles and toys for children to play on.

I am very crashed out at the moment. I'm nauseous, aching, sore throat, burning eyes. Feeling like I have 'flu, in other words. I wish it was because it would all be over in a week or two. Its the ruddy ME! I can't do anywhere near as much as my mother can and if it wasn't so funny, it would be embarrassing. She was saying today how tired she is getting. I remarked how exhausting noise was and she said she was beginning to find that too. She has been saying for years that I seem older than her, and this goes to show that she is right.

What can you do? Live the life you have as well as you possibly can, is my philosophy. There may be much you cannot change, but the trick is to find new possibilities within your limitations and enjoy exploring those possibilities as well as you can. I enjoy my life very much, even though the body isn't doing as well as a healthy person's one.

Since I have been ill, I have learned how to use a computer and found a lot of pleasure in it. I taught myself to do certain things, such as creating the layout and design elements on this blog. Who would have thought I'd learn to blog? Well, I do, and I enjoy it. Its a simple and harmless pleasure, and a way of keeping friends and family in remote parts of the world up to date with family news, no matter what time zone they live in. . I've discovered too that I like using a camera to record snapshots of real life; life as it really is and not pretty posed scenes. I am learning how to work with image editing programs and I enjoy that too. I haven't been able to do too much of it lately as my arms have been very sore. Having said that, here is a pic that I cropped from the photo above and applied soft focus and lighting effects to.

Here is a cropped and messed about with picture of Teresa Jayne


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