Monday, August 03, 2009

What a lovely Story

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All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond

This doting mother swan has really taken her babies under her wing.

Six tiny cygnets could be seen peeking from beneath her feathers as she floated on the pond at the Bicton Park Botanical Gardens in Devon. The swan, who had been swimming with her brood behind was forced to play piggyback after the young birds became tired.

Amazed visitors watched as the swan spread her wings to allow the cygnets aboard, before before tucking them back protectively to stop them falling off.

She then continued on her way across the pond, occasionally turning her head around to check on her precious cargo.


Visitor Richard Meston. 32, captured the incredible scene on camera. He told how he watched one young birds attempt to climb aboard while swimming.

'The cygnets had been splashing around in the water, playing and swimming around their mum,' he said.

'They looked like they were starting to get tired and one by one started to scramble up on their mum's back.

'She didn't mind at all and even gave them a nudge up.

'After they got settled in, she covered them with her wings protectively like a cushion and went on her way.

'She kept looking back at them to make sure they were still there. It was almost as if she was giving them a quick telling off to keep them in line.

'I could imagine them like kids in the back of the car saying "Are we nearly there yet?" and squabbling.'

The father-of-three, from Bournemouth, Dorset, added: 'My children absolutely loved them, they were enchanted.

'I've never seen anything like it - it was a very sweet little family.'

'It was really beautiful and everyone around the pond stopped what they were doing to watch.

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