Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I love handbags. In particular, I love the handbags in Debenhams windows. I look and dream and drool. Some dainty and chi chi, some larger ones with a 'doctors bag' closing. Beautiful stitching, beautiful fabrics. Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

The irony is that in practice, I only use one handbag, and it tends to be a practical one with a cross body messenger strap. I use the same bag every day until it falls apart, then go and get another one much like it. When I go out, it is on my scooter, which is why I wear the strap across the body. It would be madness to put it in the front basket. And it must hold everything I need it to hold while at the same time being small and neat enough to rest on my lap without interfering with the driving controls of the scooter.

Since recognising the absurdity of my drooling over fab bags, I've had many a good chuckle to myself. People can be really weird, can't they?

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