Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back Home Again

Today began early - 05h35. Bobbie and Lisette took us to the ferry at Ouistreham. Sean and I were glad of the cabin because we both slept. The train service went smoothly and I got back to Folkestone at 6pm.

We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, the setting beautiful and the companionship warm and happy. We did simple things together - driving in the spectacular Normandy countryside, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, having simple yet fabulous meals together, gentle walks, going to church, watching the cows in the garden and talking.

I didn't have my camera with me as Caelyn has borrowed it, but Lisette is going to send me some photos. There are some very funny ones of a cow. She was reaching up to an apple tree, curling her tongue around the branch to shake the apples down so that she could eat them. Lisette didn't mind her having apples - in fact, she picked quite a few and gave them to the cow - but she was worried about the branches of the tree being damaged. The cow wasn't going to leave well alone, so Lisette got her secateurs and began pruning the branches so as to be out of the cow's reach. The cow was so annoyed that the apple source had dried up that she headbutted another cow who was peaceful and contented, who showed no signs of aggression or poaching, but simply made the mistake of being close by.

I did not take my scooter because its a hassle and because I have been feeling pretty OK recently. I was terribly worried about holding people up, being a 'drag' on group morale and just being annoying. I only felt 'flu like symptoms twice and they settled with paracetamol and a sleep. Only two attacks of nausea too. They were very good to me, letting me walk a bit then stopping to sit down somewhere. Pacing energy like that was excellent for me, and I am surprised that I'm not suffering from 'payback'. Also, although I have always liked Bobbie and Lisette, when I have seen them previously, I felt very ill and only just able to to mumble vague bits of conversation, so in a way, it was as if it was our first meeting.

This time was extra special because I wasn't needing to control pain, dizziness, nausea or other grotty symptoms. I could relax and enjoy Bobbie and Lisette's company without the knowledge that I was holding everyone up and limiting their choices. Well, actually, it all worked out very well.

And so far, no Payback or or Relapse either, and I thank God from the bottom of my heart. Whether this happy state lasts or not, it is a much appreciated Gift.

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