Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Other News

Sean is back from Italy and loved Ravenna. He had gone with his old university chums to see the famous Mosaics, and it blew his mind. So ancient and still so glorious.

The temperatures look set on 30 all week. In certain airless spots, 34 is forecast. Caelyn says she wants to camp at my flat because, being a basement, it is always cool, and I will put the fans on. Teresa Jayne is particularly vulnerable to heat as her body area is large in proportion to the amount of fluids her tummy can handle, so she can't be allowed to sweat too much, or she will become dehydrated and that can kill a baby.

I made banana bread today. I haven't made it for so long that I'm going to keep a loaf back and taste it tomorrow to see if it is fit to serve to people. It always tastes better a few days after baking. If it turns out well, I may make another batch. But I feel unwell, nauseous, aching, tired and headachy, so I might not. I don't want to push myself too much because I want to enjoy seeing my brother over the weekend, and can't be doing with "payback".

The BBQ preparations are well under way. I have decided to cook the Lemon Pepper Chicken and the Garlic Butter Chicken at home on Saturday. I will carve it nicely and pack it in a plastic container. I don't want to chance it on the Braai. Sean has borrowed a gas braai and I've only ever braaied with charcoal.

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