Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great News!!

Caelyn and Nigel have had two wonderful bits of news today.

First, Nigel heard that he has passed his course. Very well done!! Especially as it is hard to study with a wife whose pregnancy was difficult and with the distraction of a demanding toddler. Also, the further on you get, the more complicated the work. He has swotted and studied and his hard work has paid off. He has an interview to join the third and final year on Friday, and am sure he will be offered a place because his achievement reflects well on the college.

Second, they heard that they have won a holiday in Sussex in August, and that has cheered them up a lot too.

A darling new baby, a kindhearted and sweet delight of a toddler, good friends, a cosy house, adequate food and clothing and a loving and supportive family. So many Blessings! God is soooooooooooo good!!

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