Monday, June 22, 2009

Ah Ha! Thanks, Mum

My mother saw the knots I was getting myself into with where to order the goodies for our Braai and she sent me a link to other places. They both offer free delivery over £50, and their prices and stocks are competitive.

One is

and the other is

I have made preliminary lists from both companies and will be making a final decision a bit later this week.

Thanks, mum.

Last night I was scouring the Internet for Boerewors recipes and I found some tempting looking ones, plus an Anthony Worral Thompson Sausage Maker and Mincer, and I was tempted by that, but actually, I'd rather not risk an expensive flop with our first braai in 18 years. So I will buy the ready made stuff this time, but the idea of making my own is bubbling away at the back of my mind. The sausage maker can grind your own mince and you can make your own burger patties and know exactly what is inside them.

My kids don't like the recipe I gave our butcher to make for us, although I do. I'd have to ask them to look at the recipes and see which one they would like us to try. They all say you should fry a bit of the mixture so you can adjust the flavour before you put it into sausage casings. That sounds sensible to me.


I have to get up now because not only is it Monday morning, but I have a dental appointment. I also want to buy ingredients for two of the pickled salads I will be making, Sweet and Sour Green Beans and Tomato and Sultana Chutney.

OK - time to get up, old girl!

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