Friday, April 03, 2009


I got back from Tonbridge, stopped at Sainsburys for some shopping and went home. Michelle had emptied the washing machine, dried the clothes and folded them up nicely, and I was touched by her thoughtfulness.

I spoke to Caelyn. Wendy developed a high fever in the night, so they stripped her and put the fan on her. Nigel did most of the night nursing, God bless him. They took her to the Dr this morning, and he diagnosed a chest infection and prescribed an antibiotic. She is still infectious, so she is being kept away from my mum and me. My mum is already developing a cold and is planning to take things easy for a few days. I don't want a chest infection either, especially as Caelyn wants me with her when Teresa Jayne is born.

I've had a fair bit of busy-ness and excitement lately and it caught up with me. I absolutely HAD to sleep this afternoon and I woke up, disorientated, 6 hours later, and I need to go back to sleep soon because I'm tired again. I had planned on cooking a big batch of mince for the freezer, but it will have to be tomorrow instead.

I did this picture, just for fun. It comes from the next picture down of Sean on the train on the way back from London on Monday.


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