Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Special

Today was a bit special.

The sun was out, although with a cold wind. It was a happy sort of day.

Nigel came and managed to do a temporary repair on my Breeze scooter, for which I am very grateful indeed.

Brakkie ate some minced chicken, and as it was was the first meal he had had since Wednesday, I was very pleased. I had been seriously worried about the little chap.

After Nigel got the scooter going, we went to town for some Italian ice cream, and there was a friendly ice cream fight between Nigel and Wendy.

When we got back, all us ladies were tired and had a zizz. When Sean came, he and I attended a beautiful and reverent Mass. After that, we went to dinner at Giovannis. Wendy was OK at first but then got tired, poor little scrap.

As we were almost outside the restaurant, we heard shouting. It was Michelle. She and her mate Mark came to join us for a glass of wine but they left when our food came as they had already eaten.

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