Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sad News

Pat the scooter repairman came to see my Beast today and he had bad news for me. I knew the seat was in a bad way because I had taken it apart myself and I called him because of the seat. The whole thing - seat plus chassis fixings - need to be replaced. If the spare parts are available at all, they will cost several hundred pounds, which I do not have. Pat says it is too dangerous to be used and I must not use it in the state that it is in.

The scooter is my only means of transport. I use it whenever I have to go out as I can't walk more than 50 yards on my own. I use it to go shopping, to the doctors and just about everywhere outside my front door. I will use my second scooter in the meantime, but it has very limited abilities. It will not take luggage or shopping nor go up hills. I am thankful that I have it available because my mobility isn't totally taken away. Kate says she and Nigel will help with shopping which is nice of them.

I really am very sad and upset by this not unexpected news. Sean had already offered to buy me a bed but the scooter means more to me than a bed does. I'm OK sleeping on the floor, but my scooter gave me a semblance of a "normal" life and I am lost without it. I will ask Sean to help with the scooter repair rather than buying a bed because in the 'quality of life' equation, the scooter is considerably more important than a bed.

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