Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Serene and Sleepy

Wendy has been very miserable for a few days so Caelyn is more than usually tired. I went to make some tea and when I came back to the lounge, Caelyn, Woozle and Madam Spikkeldy were all snoozing sweetly in the reclining chair.

When they woke up, they went to Lisa's as she has promised to cut Caelyn's hair. Caelyn has been asking her to do it for years but Lisa has only just agreed, and has only agreed to cut the fringe. Caelyn for some reason is feeling a bit sensitive about her scar at the moment.

Sean is in Manchester for a training course and to meet Northern members of a guild he belongs to, and it feels odd with him so far away. i don't know why I feel like that as the journey by train between our different homes is just under an hour, so he is hardly a near neighbour at the best of times. Still, Manchester feels very far away with him in it. Aren't we odd?

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