Thursday, November 09, 2006

Madame Woo

Madame Woo looks quite happy here. She normally is a happy baby, but she has been crying a lot lately. So much so that her parents have almost been in tears too. I know that feeling! I stayed at their house on Tuesday night to help with the baby and Michelle went to stay with them on Wednesday night, also to help with Wendy.

She has just cut her lower right incisor tooth so that is the reason for the crying. Kate has had trouble with her wisdom teeth recently so she remembers what sore teeth feel like. She really feels for Wendy, but the sympathy and understanding don't stop the crying. I am very glad that they feel able to ask Michelle and me to go and help them. That is what families are for. Every parent needs a bit of help sometimes and its great that Michelle and I are available to do it. And if we get too tired, my mum would take a turn as well. The thing is, Nigel's Crohns Disease has not yet been sorted out and Caelyn's kidneys are causing her a lot of pain and they have to cope with that over and above normal parental exhaustion. But look at the photos - even with all that, Wendy still looks happy and well cared for, doesn't she?

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