Sunday, November 12, 2006


Sean and I went to Bath on Friday for the consecration of Dom Aidan Bellenger as the new Abbot of Downside. We stayed at the very posh Bath Spa Hotel because we couldn't get a place at out favourite more homely and comfortable Francis Hotel. (He took the precaution of booking the Francis for Easter to be sure of getting a place). We had a lovely time enjoying each other's company even though I had caught Sean's cold. Luckily for me it is passing quickly and hasn't been too bad.

I'm going to post quite a lot of photos of Bath as it is an interesting place with unique architecture. Most buildings are made out of locally quarried honey coloured stone. There are famous baths there from a natural spring, and the Bath Spa and Baths were founded by the Romans and much of the original buildings have been well preserved. Bath used to be very "fashionable" for the upper classes, and The Crescent is probably the most prestigious address in the country.

These photos were mostly taken at about 2.30 in the afternoon and as you can see, it was already getting dark in the usual manner of the UK winter.

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