Monday, October 23, 2006

Spare a Prayer for Carole

Carole is June's sister. I have been talking to her today, to say that I went to put flowers on June's grave. She said she was sorry she couldn't come as she is up North visiting her sick mother.

In the past year, Carole (who has a full time job and who is a widow) saw her son die of a brain tumour, then had heart surgery herself, then had to deal with June's death, the funeral and packing up and selling her house. Now she is visiting a sick Mum.

How much grief can one soul bear? Carole carries out her committments with great faithfulness, and she has a sweetness about her spirit. Even so, nobody can carry a heavy load for too long, and Carole has been carrying a load that anyone would buckle under sooner or later.

Lets pray that Carole gets a refreshing and replenishing complete break very soon. She is an excellent and gentle lady and she deserves it.

It would do my heart a lot of good to hear that something wonderful had happened for her.

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