Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Not a great week

Last week I walked the dog to Tesco because I wanted to try to be less dependant on my mobility scooter and I was feeling OK. It was a mistake - with this illness, payback time is delayed until a day or two after going over your limits.
Then I did an hours' housework. And I have been "paying" for it ever since.

I was to have seen Sean this evening, but I had lost my purse and it gave me a welcome reason to cancel. I love Sean and I know it is good for us to be together but I felt so ill.
Anyway, Caelyn came to help me look for my purse and found it under the pillow. I had left it on the beside table and the cat must have knocked it off and it got mixed up in the bedclothes.

The animals know that I'm not doing too well and they have stayed with me constantly, all curled up on the bed with me. What a comfort they are!

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