Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Part of Mystery Solved
Wendy was coming out in blotches all over her face when she ate certain things. Caelyn thought it might be wheat as she reacted when eating brown bread. She was fine with organic Rice Cakes, so her Mum has been trying to keep her away from wheat. We had a Eureka! moment today though. We realised she was reacting to Marmite which is a yeast extract, but she is fine with Bovril which is a beef extract. As Wendy is still breastfed, she needs to eat extra iron as the stores she was born with started running low at about 6 months, and Bovril is a good source of Iron and Vit Bcomplex. Also, it is better on wholegrain bread from a nutrition point of view. I don't mind her reacting badly to Marmite as it is not an "essential" food.

She also reacts to other things though, so Caelyn is being very careful about what she gives her. I suggested food in its most natural state, meaning she can eat slices of roast chicken, but not chicken cooked in a pre-prepared sauce like Chicken Tonight which is probably full of preservatives and whatnot. No tins of spaghetti in tomato sauce, but homemade spaghetti with a homemade tomato sauce would probably be fine. No cold drink syrup, but diluted pure natural fruit juice - fine.

I don't believe in "baby food". I think a baby should grow up eating what her parents eat and luckily Caelyn prefers healthy food. They avoid fat and salt because of Caelyn's kidney trouble and Nigel's cholesterol. If Caelyn wants to put some 'dodgy' ingredient in, she takes Wendy's portion out first. Why make life complicated? It is much easier when the whole family eats the same food, provided that they eat a healthy diet in the first place.

Michelle is going through a very hard time at the moment and prayers for her would be much appreciated. She is very "broken" right now and I hate seeing my lovely girl suffering like this. Please send her some kind and thoughtful messages - she needs them.

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