Monday, October 02, 2006


Caelyn and Nigel aren't too keen on Wendy having the MMR because they think the Autism links are not disproved and they love their baby and don't want to risk harming her. They would prefer to have 3 separate injections because they don't want to overwhelm her immune system. The government has pronounced various things "safe" over they years, which in the end turned out not to be eg the use of organophosphate pesticides in the 60s, the real impact of variant CJV or mad cow disease etc. Persistent denial of Gulf War Syndrome when every other country involved acknowledges it as a real entity, the persistent refusal to research physical factors in ME and saying that it is a psychological condition when well documented research from all over the world has proved over and over that there are physical processes at work etc. All this, with the current governments love of "spin" makes us think they probably can't be trusted on this. How can any sane person rely on their word?

There are many photos of Wendy on this Blog. It is clear by her facial expressions and range of physical movement that she is a very responsive child with no Autistic tendencies. The usual tactic when a child develops Autism after having the MMR is to say that the child was always Autistic but the parents didn't notice it and it is better diagnosed these days. Twaddle! This baby shows absolutely no signs of any disorder whatsoever, so if she is forced to have the MMR and she develops problems afterwards, let this stand as a record that she was a perfectly normal healthy happy baby at nearly 7 months of age.

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