Monday, October 02, 2006

Bits of News

Nigel has a fever. He has been ill for ages but is tired of going to the Dr because all he is ever told is that its a Virus. This is as may be. But it has been going on for months, and it is high time it was taken notice of.

Caelyn is due to have her long postponed Wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow.

Woozle has been showing signs of food intolerance/allergy, especially with dairy products, so it is lucky she is still breastfed. Tonight her Mum gave her a Farley's Rusk and her face went blotchy round the mouth - raised, red blotches. So no more Farleys rusks for her.

Michelle is still on an emotional rollercoaster re the Ian situation. She returns home on Friday and has a job interview lined up down here, for a job similar to the one she is curently doing and loving.

Sean and I have our 8 year Anniversary on Friday, but we are celebrating on Thursday because Michelle is coming on Friday and I will need to be with her, and Sean is going to Yarmouth to see Trissa whose house is up for sale so opportunities for visiting Yarmouth will become scare shortly. He has so much personal history in Yarmouth that he should go while he can. He said that Elise phoned from France to tell him that she had arrived home safely.

On Thursday day, I go with my mum to Eastbourne for the day.

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