Saturday, October 21, 2006

Christmas Postcard

Wendy's Grandpa lives in South Africa, and posting things is a problem because quite frequently, things sent via the mail do not get delivered. Sending something by Registered Mail from the UK doesn't help either, as SA and UK postal services do not have a reciprocal Registered Mail agreement. I have found the best way to send things with a good possibility of their being delivered is to send a postcard.

So, I have been experimenting with creating a postcard to send Wendy's grandfather. The original has come out OK, but Michelle says she doesn't like it as it is not Wendy's best photo. I like it though. Wendy's grandfather has not met her and he does not have a computer so a good way to send him photos of her is by postcard. If I knew whether he had a DVD player or access to a DVD player or a CD player that can connect to a TV, I could try to send him photo DVDs or CDs. Postcards it will have to be for the moment though.

Of course, the final decision will be her mother's. Caelyn is annoyed with her father because he has promised to stay in touch a zillion times and has never bothered. Still, he is Wendy's grandfather, and I think Caelyn should set a good example and keep lines of communication open, however tenuous. He will not reply if past form is anything to go by, but that is not the point. By doing the possible from her side, her conscience need not trouble her.

We know he has had postcards before because he was able to give Tubby Swanepoel our address when he visited England, and he gave his sisters our phone numbers and email addresses. So, some post definitely gets through, but as there is never a response, it is hard to be sure what he gets and what he doesn't. His sisters have a stronger sense of family though, and they have made an effort to keep in touch with Michelle and Caelyn, which is nice.

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