Friday, October 20, 2006

Caelyn and Wendy

Caelyn felt a bit better today because Wendy slept better last night. Caelyn is still feeling viral though so she isn't feeling as well as she would like.

Josie and I went to their house to get the Revo so my mum has a scooter that works. The TGA SuperSport is making a funny noise and because it is such an old machine, spares are scarce. We hope something will turn up because she loves that machine and the Revo is just not in the same class. Its like trading down from a Mercedes Benz to a skateboard! Still, it will keep her mobile and it will be used rather than gathering dust.

Michelle had to take her criminal record bureau check forms to her new job today and the Personnel girl was quite sniffy with her. She had written to ask for a photo ID such as a passport, but when Michelle got there she wanted a birth certificate instead. Then she wanted the issue number (there isn't one) then she decided to ask for an issue date instead. She was being quite difficult, but who knows why?

Michelle had an early start to the day and had a sore throat. She slept when she got back, but she made dinner for everyone tonight as at that point, I simply could not. I had a lot of pain and exhaustion but felt better after a rest.

I have been trying to improve my fitness and depend on my mobility scooter a bit less so I walked the dog to Tesco last night. It took ages and was quite painful but I felt OK at the time. The thing with this illness is that you rarely suffer on the day you use too much energy; the horrible after-effects kick in a day or two later, which makes it difficult to guess just what you ought not have done. I usually manage 'pacing' my energy fairly well, but I blow it every now and then. At least these days I have a better idea of my limits and so don't go too far generally, and when I do, my recovery times are quicker than they used to be.

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