Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not very well

Caelyn and Nigel popped in for a cup of tea on their way to the hospital for Caelyn to have her kidney investigations. Wendy isn't too well - not quite herself, and still a bit inclined to feverishness. Caelyn helped me make up the big bed for her and Nigel to sleep in after she has her Wisdom Teeth out tomorrow. I will go to the hospital with them, but I am already tired after not sleeping well after Brakkie's attack, and I have to go to Sean tonight and that is always exhausting because of the stairs in his house and the bathroom being upstairs. I always come home wiped out after visiting him.
I seem to have no time to have the rest I need these days, and I must find the time or else there is a real risk of relapse and I really really don't want that!

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