Thursday, September 28, 2006

Caelyn's Surgery Cancelled

We went to the hospital this afternoon for Caelyn to have her Wisdom Teeth out. When we got there, we were told it was cancelled! She is 20yrs old, and has been waiting to have her Wisdom Teeth out since she was 15. We weren't happy.
They have given her another appointment for Tuesday next week, and I sincerely hope they will do it then. She has a substantial amount of pain.

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Shaun said...

Sorry to hear of the cancellation. It is hard to wait on 'relief' when one hurts so much. See if an icecube to the area between the thumb and forefinger helps. Sometimes, of course with pain meds,this helps to ease the hurt. Left hand for right side of head, opposite for the other. left/right brain thing- much like writing skills.I am trying to get pottery done for shows. But when that is eased, I will add (first firgure it out) your blog to my page. Thank you so much. That(seemingly) small gift means more to me than I can write here. Cheers, Shaun