Monday, September 26, 2011


The scan picture clearly shows little feet.  This is Michelle's 18 week scan.  There is another picture I'd like to post of the baby reaching out with his arm.  His fingers are clearly visible.  There was so much excitement in the scanning room.  We saw his heart beating and we also saw the ridges and gullies of his brain.  Michelle says he is especially active this evening.

On the way back from the hospital, we called in at Caelyn's.  The two sisters were sooooo excited and were comparing bumps and maternity notes.  Its exciting for them to be expecting together.

They will be Winter babies.

One problem is that Caelyn's village gets cut off during heavy snow, and she delivered her two daughters quickly.  The midwife has told her to call at the first twinge and they are thinking it might end up as a home birth if its too dangerous to try to get to hospital.  That's Plan B.

 Plan C, if the midwife can't get to her, I've suggested that Nigel put her on a sled and take her to the Old Age Home nearby because at least three of the staff there have been senior midwives for a long time.  They obviously don't keep midwifery equipment there, but they would have a better idea of what to do than Nigel would.  

The other thing is that this winter is forecast to be a harsh one, and the cost of heating has gone up by double figures.  We couldn't afford it last year when it was cheaper.  
We will have to keep one room warm and stay in that one with the baby. Otherwise, we will keep heavy curtains closed to keep the heat in, drink hot drinks, move around, put on extra layers of clothing and use blankets when we are sitting still. 

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