Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The sunny weather is still with us and it seems to have put a bounce into people's steps and smiles on their faces. The school children are on holiday and suddenly life seems a lot better for all sorts of people. The tulips are out, and I love tulips. They seem so cheerful somehow.

I'm going to have to post some photos for my mum to see. She is having a wonderful holiday but she like to look at the Blog to see what has been going on. First of all, a picture of some colourful tulips that gladdened my heart:


The Leas at Sunset

I have a new phone and took the above picture with it, and am very pleased with its clarity. Also, its not such a strain talking on the phone as the calls are remarkably clear and I can hear what is being said very easily. I hadn't realised how I struggled to hear on the old one, and that is probably why I found calls so exhausting and tried to avoid them. There is a 'but' coming, though, and that is that although it is on maximum setting, I don't hear the phone when it rings. I have experimented with other ringtones but it doesn't make much difference.

I was sitting on a bench on the Leas with my friend Marion today and the phone was on the bench between us. I checked the phone for text messages and noticed I had missed a call from Caelyn just a couple of minutes previously. Marion hadn't heard it either, and she has no hearing problems. So I think I'm going to email Customer Services to see what can be done about it.

Other than that, I'm very impressed by it. A great camera, fast internet, music. E-Books - I have Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, Aesops Fables, Diary of a Slave girl on there so far, with thousands more available, and I love reading. I have the Catholic Bible, Daily Readings, the Divine Office (prayers and scriptures for different hours of the day) Devotions and Prayers. I can watch YouTube and download stuff onto the BBC iPlayer, although as I don't like TV very much, I doubt if I will use that. Oh, and Google Sky. Sean and I will enjoy that a lot. And Sat Nav, which is great if you have no sense of direction. So - a brilliant device. You just can't hear when the phone rings. Which may not be an entirely bad thing ....


Out with Benny and Granny Whoops. Those two have become quite wild together. They play, roll around, chase balls, wrestle and romp and generally are thick as thieves. Full of life and vitality. My poor Mum left a quiet, sedate and matronly dog with me and when she gets back she will find a mischievous hooligan. I thought Benny would teach her how to be a dog, but I didn't think she'd learn quite this well. Mum's in for a shock.


Here Marion and I are out with the dogs enjoying the balmy Spring weather. I know I'm going on about it, but if all you've seen for months is grey, seeing the sun, even if its still cold, is a blessed relief.


She and I went down to the harbour today. The Council have a Youth Project down there, called The Shed. Her grandson Ben goes, and the kids love it. He has done a First Aid course there, and there is place for them to ride their BMX bikes and skateboards. For years people complained about the kids using the pavements etc but that was unfair because there wasn't anywhere for them to go. Most people live in flats without gardens, and all the public parks have notices saying things like 'no bicycles, no dogs, no ball games'. So where were the kids supposed to go?

This Conservative Council has done well. They have this project, plus they have done a lot of planting and maintenance of the public green areas and there are lots of new dropped kerbs for wheelchairs and prams all over town. The Lib Dems, if you remember, did not cut the grassy verges so it was impossible to see oncoming traffic at roundabouts, and they locked the public lavatories to try to save money.

It was lunacy - if you want to attract money spending people to your town, you have to realise they can't stay and spend money if they can't 'spend a penny' when they need to. They really were a confused bunch, and in Coalition Government don't seem any better.

Poor dears. They should go off and have a genteel cup of tea and let competent people do the grown-up stuff. Yes, I'm sure they are very nice people and their mummies undoubtedly love them, but they really can't be allowed to make decisions. Poor Mr Clegg "forgot" he was supposed to be running Britain while the Prime Minister was away. Oh dear.

But at least Mr Clegg is married to the mother of his children. The Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband, isn't. If a baby is illegitimate, the father has to be present when the birth is registered in order for his name to be recorded on the child's birth certificate. Mr Miliband is quoted as saying he was "too busy" to give his firstborn son his name. His girlfriend has had yet another child by him and he has now said that they will get married. He hadn't done it before because he "didn't have the time" and apparently the wedding is to be a very small, low key affair.

Shabby. Very shabby.

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