Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Benny started having diarrhoea last Monday.  I starved him (water only) for 24hrs.  He was still going so I gave him egg with probiotics in it for a day.  Followed by natural yoghurt for a day, then the bland chicken and rice diet.  As he was no better by then, I took him to the Vet, who gave him a good going over.  We decided it was due to food intolerance rather than an infection, and he was given medicine and a Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal diet.

He took the medicine meekly enough and even ate the prescribed diet,albiet reluctantly.  He last had proper diarrhoea on Sunday morning. When I took him out this morning he had a formed stool and I heaved a sigh of relief.

But later on in the day things got a bit loose again and he is making some unpleasant smells.  The children were here today and I know Teresa shared her sausage roll with him.  And he had some birthday cake and Scottish pancakes.  None of it, I might add, was planned. I know very well that that sort of food is bad for a dog, but adults can't watch a dog all the time, and the children either leave food on low tables or drop it or offer him some.  They were told that Benny wasn't allowed to have any of their food because Uncle Vet said it would give him a sore tummy, but he ended up having some illicit nibbles anyway.  And his tummy is loose again; the medicine is nearly finished and so is the prescribed food.  It looks like another consultation with Uncle Vet is called for.

I can't blame the children because children and dogs have the sort of relationship where they will inevitably "share" with a dog.  Teresa Jayne is far too young to understand anyway.  She loves Benny and looks for him as soon as she comes here so there is no realistic chance of putting him in a room and closing the door while she is visiting.  I will have to make some sort of plan until he is better.  Not sure exactly what measures need to be taken yet, but I will have to think of something.


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