Thursday, December 02, 2010

Not just a Fantasy

Stay-at-home Britain: 40% of workers take the day off as snow storms paralyse the country... with more to come tonight

Four out of ten workers stayed at home today as heavy overnight snowfall wreaked havoc on the nation's transport network.

The big freeze tightened its grip on Britain today with scores of cancelled railway services, the closure of four airports and chaos on the roads bringing the South to a standstill.


So, you may have gathered, we are cold.  Lorries aren't getting through to shops with supplies so many supermarket shelves are empty.  In these chilly circumstances, I have been thinking of my family overseas.

My cricket loving brother Stephen lives near Brisbane in Australia, where a cricket match between UK and Australia is going on.  I can just see him in his house, all windows and doors shut to help the air conditioning work more efficiently, watching cricket with a cold beer in his hand.

My sister Melanie in New Zealand says she is planning a picnic on the beach for Christmas. 

My brother Paul has two school going children in South Africa.  Their schools could have shut due to high temperatures and humidity levels.   


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