Thursday, December 02, 2010

Can't reach me by phone? I'm not as weird as I feared!

My nearest and dearest are very well aware that my landline handset lives in the cupboard and has done so for years. I just use the line for Internet. I wouldn't know if people leave messages because I haven't checked for a number of years.

I find phone calls very trying. Its hard to concentrate, especially when there is another noise in the background. Call Centres are the worst, because I can hear other operators talking to other people in the background and get so confused my head goes into meltdown and pretty soon I can't understand what is being said. So I just don't do it any more. Emails, fine. Text messages, fine. No problem. My mobile phone is a Nokia and I can set it to ring only when certain people (such as family) call me, otherwise it remains silent. If I'm really feeling ill, I put it on a divert or turn it off altogether.

And I never answer a "number witheld". No one I know witholds their number and if I don't know someone, why would I want to talk to them???

I thought I was alone in finding the telephone impossible, but not so. There is a thread on a site about people with M.E and Fibromyalgia hating the telephone PLUS there are dozens of replies, all agreeing. So I'm not the only phone-phobic out there! See for yourself: Click HERE

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