Friday, October 01, 2010

Michelle, Stephen and Family

I'm afraid Michelle is sick.  She has a high temperature that Paracetamol isn't doing much for.  Her throat is sore, the left side of her face is swollen.  She has a rash, but it looks like it might be due to heat rather than illness.  But she is too dizzy to walk on her own, and I had to help her bath earlier.  She is sleeping a lot and is 'clingy'.  She doesn't like me not being there when she is awake, which she is only briefly every few hours.  I get her to drink water and have more paracetamol.  She looks 'toxic', and I'm really worried about her.

Wendy was to have come to stay with us tonight, but I told Caelyn to keep her at home.  I don't like breaking a promise to a child, but I don't want Wendy infected with whatever it is that Michelle has got.  She will have to come another time.  Wendy has a mild cold; Teresa Jayne has a chest infection and is alergic to bananas.  This is a problem because so many medicines for children are banana flavoured, so the Pharmacist has to phone the Dr and nearby chemists to see if they have a medicine that is safe to give her.

My mother was really sick with a bug last week, and she isn't over it yet.  I, thank God, am fine.  (Fine means as well as I usually am with M.E)

I have also told Sean not to come and see us tomorrow.

My brother Stephen and his wife Margaret will be staying at Sean's from Monday to Thursday, and if Michelle can be left at home, I will go up and stay there too.  On Thursday, Steve and Margaret come to Folkestone, and Caelyn is longing to see them.   We were a bit worried that they could not go to see them in Tonbridge because of Wendy being at school.  But Stephen has said he will make sure he sees them.  And us, of course!

They are in England because Margaret's mum is in her 90s, and broke a hip.  Then they found that she has breast cancer.  Stephen says she is still feisty and 'with it', but I think it was a good idea for them to visit now.  The weather is so miserable they will be glad to get back home to Australia.

Benny is desperate to go out but he hates the rain.  I bought him 2 microfibre pet towels the other day. One for here, and one to keep in Sean's car to clean him up before he gets muddy pawprints all over the upholstery.  I think he will need one for the scooter and one for Sean's house.  The 99p shop sells them for - can you guess?  99p!

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