Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week

My friend Lisa had surgery to her knee on Thursday, and she came to rest up at my house on Saturday, because she lives on her own and couldn't manage because she can't bear weight on that leg yet.  Her Boxer, Jake, came with her, and he is such a delight of a dog.  He's scared of Madam Spikkeldy though.  As well he might be!  She isn't scared of dogs, but she doesn't approve of them, and she hisses and hits them.  This evening she sat outside the bedroom door, and Jake was too scared to go past her.  She is a grumpy old thing!

This is Lisa

She uses crutches or a wheeled Zimmer frame to get around indoors and outdoors she is using my small scooter, the Revo.  Lisa can't bear to be shut in so even though she doesn't want her friends to see her on a scooter, she likes the freedom it gives her.  She will only need it for a little while, so it would make no sense for her to buy or hire one.

Lisa bought a leg of lamb with her, so I cooked it and we had a late lunch.  This is what Jake was like with the kids:


Teresa Jayne has been cutting eye teeth and been really miserable with it.  She's OK while her paracetamol is working, but her mum doesn't want to give her too much of the stuff.  She wants to be in her mother's arms all the time and neither she nor the rest of the family are getting enough rest.  And being exhausted makes everything seem worse.  Teresa ate well today, much to Caelyn's relief, as she hasn't eaten properly since Thursday.  She enjoyed the roast lamb so much that I bagged up some for Caelyn to take home for her.

Caelyn was in tears this morning because her Poppy cat couldn't pass urine.  She called the emergency Vet who said it was probably a stone blocking the urethra and she would have to pay £600 up front to have an operation to fix it.  If it wasn't fixed, her bladder could rupture. If she had had £600, she would have paid it quite happily. I then phoned another Vet, a very helpful and thoughtful man, and he gave us some advice.  He thought it was more likely to be cystitis as Poppy is a female cat. When they got home, she had passed bloodstained urine in the bath.  When women get cystitis they often have bloodstained urine, and it is usually easily fixed with appropriate antibiotics.  This evening, Poppy was chasing moths, so she probably feels better than she did this morning.  But it will be off to Auntie Vet with her tomorrow.

Paul came to take Lisa to see Jemma, who turned 18 today.  Lisa has known Jemma since she was 2yrs old and she is an honourary Aunt, she she went to do her stuff.  While Lisa was out, Caelyn and family, Jake, Sean and I went to the gardens so the kids could run around and get some fresh air.

Can you believe that Teresa Jayne is 14 months old now?

Wendy up her favourite tree

And having a chat with Sean

Tomorrow, Paul is taking Lisa to see her mum, so I will be up early to help Lisa to bath.  We have decided to put cling film over her bandages, then put a bath board on the bath, and let her sit on it with the leg out over towards the edge of the bath.  She can then use the hand held shower to clean herself, and if there are any splashes, the cling film should prevent the dressing getting wet.

When she has gone, I will clean the kitchen and start getting my stuff ready to go to Yarmouth.  I'm leaving on Tuesday evening so we can leave early from Tonbridge on Wednesday.  Sean told me today that we are to have dinner with Sylvia and George on Wednesday evening, and I have told him that I will need a good rest before doing anything like that. Travelling knocks the stuffing out of me.

I will be back on Sunday, then on Friday the 6th, Nigel wil take me to Norwich to go and get Benny.  Lidl have a "Special" on Monday of two Baby gates for £30, and he is going to get some, so that I can open my doors to let a breeze through without Benny being able to escape.  I have had his name tag engraved already, so I just have to get a collar and lead for him.  And some food, of course.  He has a raw chicken wing in the morning and Royal Canin biscuits in the evening.

I'm beat now, and morning with its works and duties will come all too soon, so I bid you goodnight on my way to the Land of Nod.

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