Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mel's got a Blog!

Melanie posted this on Facebook:
"This is the reason for my new blog, each day to write something that will inspire, motivate, encourage, help, transform, us as woman. Often we read about children and how they are affected by famine, aids, poverty etc but do we ever stop and think of that woman who is the mother, who can't provide, who is dying, who is watching her child die and is unable to do anything to help, watches her children go hungry because she has no way to feed them, or watch their teeth chatter with cold and can't provide adequate warm clothing, or is trying to breast feed her baby but her breast are dry due to malnutrition but she tries anyway..........."
Click HERE to visit her Blog, called Woman to Woman.  The page opens on a warning that adult content is on there, and that is because it deals with abuse issues.  There is no porn there, so don't let that warning worry you.  It's all decent and respectable, but not fit for children.


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