Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Night

Last night, Michelle and my Mum went for a three course meal for the ladies in their church.  Michelle certainly enjoyed it.  She needed some fun after all the trauma with Brakkie's illness.


Brakkie is not his normal self but he is feeling the good effect of the steroids and is OK at the moment.  We will take him back to the Vet on Monday to ask about more steroids and analgesics.  I know its not a 'cure' and that he is living out his last days, but it makes him happy and comfortable.

On Wednesday I went to the Butcher and ordered the meat I need to make my first lot of boerewors.  I am to pick it up on Monday morning.  Whether the sausages actually will get made is another matter and depends on the Vet and Brakkie's health.  I had to order it though because UK butchers don't normally stock Spek, which is fat from the belly of pork.  Its a special purchase, as is mutton.  There won't be any mutton in these sausages but you need mutton for droewors and for other wors recipes.  My butcher, Andrew at Watson and Neal, is very helpful and has actually made wors for me in the past.  I have confidence in his advice.

When the wors actually gets made, I will write about it on the Blog.

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