Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Sick

Still have a temp, sore throat, headache, earache, swollen and sore glands, especially in the groin. My hips are so sore that I can't find a comfortable way to lie. My vision is less blurred now, but I'm sensitive to light. It actually hurts the eyes. When I sleep, it feels like I have slept for hours, but in truth its between 20 and 30 min.

I have run out of routine medication - for blood pressure and that sort of thing. I phoned the surgery to ask the receptionist to put in a repeat prescription request. The normal procedure is to take the repeat prescription form to the surgery and put it in a special box, and I always do it that way, but I feel far too ill to do that this time. She asked if I could send someone with it and I said I lived alone because Michelle would go mad if I asked her to do it, and its all too complicated to try and explain that to a receptionist.

Paul did some shopping for me yesterday, and Lisa brought me a bunch of daffodils. Paul is happy in his new flat and its almost completely kitted out with donations from friends. He has a car now too, an ancient Mondeo. He took Lisa to Sittingbourne to surprise her parents. It is thanks to Lisa that he got the car. She took money off him every week and refused to give it back no matter what he said. When there was enough money, she handed over the cash and he went and bought the car. He is glad of her tough attitude now.

Airports have been closed due to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland. So Josie will have to stay in South Africa longer than planned. Talking to her Gummi on Skype has been very good for Wendy, and we were supposed to Skype this afternoon, but it has to be put off due to this wretched bug I've got. A great pity. Wendy hurt the side of her face at Asda's checkout yesterday and I'm sure she wants to tell Gummi all about it. (No, I don't know what happened or how it happened. I'm sure Caelyn will tell me later.)

Caelyn was impressed with Asda. They very quickly had a first aider to see her. They put cold compresses on and gave her a drink of water. They also packed up their shopping, and wrote a report in their Accident Register. That is good because allegations of child abuse are bandied about quickly over here. So if anyone reports them, the Accident Register at Asda will be a safeguard. Poor little girl. Usually the children stay with me while Caelyn and Nigel go shopping, but I couldn't look after them this time.

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