Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evidence that Josie really IS back

My mother was pleased that Teresa Jayne remembered her after such a long absence, but she did and she showed it.

Of course Josie paid attention to her, but I'd like to say what happens when people don't greet her to her satisfaction.  She 'stalks' them by crawling after them until they do.  She loves people and she has certain expectations of them.  

Here is a photo of Josie and her littlest Great Grandchild.  They enjoy each other's company a lot.


Standing on her own two feet.  Teresa can walk,  but prefers her high speed crawl.  It will be her first birthday in two weeks time.


My mother has lost a considerable amount of weight. She has changed the way she eats, and has lost two stone and a bit. She is doing very well. Michelle and I have been watching our weight too. I weigh myself on the electronic scales at the chemist, and the machine gives you a printout. Last week I lost 6lb, which is more than Wendy's birthweight.  Mind, I was ill last week and couldn't eat anyway.  Still, its a good result.

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