Monday, March 29, 2010

You still chose to go

This was written by Susan Stone.  I gather from reading her Blog that she wrote her verse while terminally ill.  There have been no posts since June 2007, so I'm assuming that she has Graduated.  Nevertheless, her work is thought inspiring and its humble, burning clarity and different outlook should not sink into obscurity.  Here is her static Blog link.

You Still Chose to Go (version 2)

It was no clean thing, this --

no easy walk into that dark night,

no staged and calm event

filled with memorable sound bites

and photo op moments,

soldiers in their dress uniforms

and dignitaries in their solemn regalia.


No clean thing, this --

filled instead with the sweat of pain

and the taste of blood,

the dust of the road,

the tears of grief,

the reality of betrayal,

the weight of sin.


No calm thing, this,

filled instead with noise:

the noise of mockery, bitter and undeserved,

punctuated with spittle and blows.

the noise of pain:

the slap of the flagellum against bare skin,

the sound of hammers driving spikes into wood

through human flesh,

cries ripped unbidden from the depths of the gut,

as flesh protested the hot sudden agony

that would not go away.

The noise of expediency: "Crucify him yourselves."


No easy walk this,

rushed through the crowded streets

beneath a crushing weight,

stripped of everything that matters most to man,

standing naked in the light of day

bruised and bloody and battered,

with nothing left to give

except the acceptance of pain,

except the final acts of love,




Help me see, O Jesus,

beyond the pretty pictures

and sound bites

and images

to the reality of how God descended to death,

the dirty, miserable realness of it,

of man's willingness to be inhuman,

and you did this knowing how dark we can be,

and how unloving we can be,

and how we cling to the dark in spite of your light,

and you still chose to go.


Susan E. Stone, 2007

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