Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A weekend tale

This weekend Michelle wanted to invite some friends over, so I went to see Sean on Saturday instead of him coming to me, as usual.  But, he said, he didn't want to miss seeing the children, so he drove me back here on Sunday.  Caelyn was clearing out the girls bedroom as they were preparing for a carpet to be fitted today, so she asked if we would have them both, and I agreed as they were in very sweet moods, and Michelle was around to help too.

I'm going to post three pics which tell a tale and illustrate the quality of relationship.  Bear  in mind that Wendy and Teresa Jayne love cucumber.

Wendy tickles Sean to distract him


When he is distracted, she nicks some of his grub


Then he read Snow White to them.


Isn't that a sweet, grandfatherly scene?  And Michelle was glad to see her nieces too.  When Caelyn and Nigel came to fetch the children, Sean, Michelle and I went to Brickfields for supper, and then Sean went home.  He drove slowly because of very heavy rain, so thank goodness he got back safely. 

Sean is doing just as much work at home as he did in the office.  And now he has only one secretary to help him.  I don't mind him working, but he needs more time to rest and have fun and to have time to do things he likes doing, such as reading.  He hasn't got time for it as his life is either hectically busy or he is exhausted.  See the relationship there?  

I have suggested that he take Friday afternoon and Monday morning off.  And he should allow himself a mid morning and mid afternoon tea break.  Even if its only 10 minutes to have a glass of milk and a biscuit.  But really and truly, he can't keep this sort of pace up.  Sooner or later something is going to give.  The idea of closing the office was so that he could work less.  I am nagging him about it because I don't want him to learn the hard way by becoming ill or somesuch thing.  He is a wonderful man, and I want to enjoy his company for a long time yet.

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