Monday, February 08, 2010

Make a Noise for M.E


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Strength in numbers – we need your support to make them listen. Please join
our group.

The secret files on M.E must be revealed, we want the truth now, not in
seventy three years time followed by a weak government apology to the
familes of those who died due to their ignorance to the plight of M.E.
(Did you know that the UK government has sealed the files on M.E until 2073?  Smells fishy to me!)

It’s the dawn of a new day, and on this day we say zero tolerance to the
lies surrounding M.E. The time has come to Make some Noise for M.E! – We
need your support.

The basic human rights of millions have been abused for corporate financial

We are stepping out of the darkness into the light and we demand answers.

As Politicians mount their election campaigns, it would be fatally ignorant
of them not to listen if they want our vote, so they better sit up and

We are not prepared to suffer in silence; we hold our heads up high and walk
hand in hand in our march for the truth and an end to their ignorance of our

This is no less than brutality at the hands of certain members of the
medical profession.

The truth must be revealed. Let us have your weak Government apology now
and move forward in making progress following on from the research of the
credible medical professionals who studied the patients during the epidemics
from the 1930’s

The day the Politicians listen and open their minds to the work of others in
the medical profession that do not have a vested interest in the Corporates
on that day we can truly say we are moving forward and are all united in
Making some Noise for M.E!

So please if there is one cause you are going to support this year, make it
this one.

If you know the suffering in the day of the life of a person with M.E you
would not hesitate. You or a loved one could be struck down with this
terrible illness at any time and you will want answers. We are fighting for
the truth; lies to be revealed then move forward and make some progress.

If they do not listen funding for credible research will not be given and it
could be your loved one fighting to maintain a level of existence. So
please join this cause. Help us make them listen. Help us Make some noise
for M.E.! - Thank-you.
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