Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Josie's Computer

All that shows on my Mum's computer screen is "System Failure".
It isn't doing anything else. She will have it looked at after Christmas, but in the meantime, she can't read her emails or check her Facebook account.


Melanie said...

To think Sue, that we used to live quite happily without computers and manage our daily lives with the phone ( a normal one, no mobiles) and just the postman!!

Sue said...

Yes, we did. And most of the time, we didn't even have a landline because they were too expensive.

I now have two mobiles, and I feel a bit nervous going out without at least one of them.

We also had bank books instead of bank cards. We had to draw the money in the bank and pay cash for our shopping. Its so easy now, with the chip and pin system, to pay supermarkets and for bill paying over the phone or by BACS or for internet shopping.

We survived without TV - we read books instead, or did something with the family.

I'm not sure these are all good things, but we have come to depend on them.